Empowering Excellence: Unveiling the ‘Life After School’ Seminar for Professional Triumph.

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Many university graduates in Ghana leave the university without the essential skills to craft a compelling CV and shine in job interviews. At the Department of Environmental Health and Sanitation Education, we believe in equipping our graduates with more than just knowledge; we empower them for success beyond the classroom.
This is why we introduced the “LIFE AFTER SCHOOL” seminar series, a transformative initiative designed to prepare our graduates for professional excellence. Each year, our final-year students participate in a comprehensive seminar that teaches them how to write a CV, prepare for interviews and present themselves with confidence.  
This year, we took the experience to new heights! A distinguished practitioner, armed with a wealth of industry insights, joined us to inspire and guide our students. The seminar also encompassed crucial aspects of financial management, opening doors to financial freedom, and explored avenues of pursuing postgraduate programmes and scholarships for those aiming to reach even greater heights.
Our hopes are high, and our expectations are even higher. With these resources at their disposal, we are confident that our graduates will not only succeed but also shine brightly in their professions with their skills, knowledge, and willpower.