Academic Qualifications


Role and Responsibility

Lecturer (teaching, research and community service)


AAMUSTED-Mampong Campus

P.O. Box 40

Asante Mampong



Biological Sciences Education


Science Education


  • University of Cape Coast, Cape Coast, Ghana

MPhil (Molecular Biology and Biotechnology)

(July, 2021)

  • University of Virginia, USA

Research & Training Programme

(September, 2017)

  • University of Cape Coast

BSc. (Molecular Biology and Biotechnology)


  • Graduate Demonstrator

Department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology

University of Cape Coast



An important area that contributes significantly to human existence is food and nutritional security. However, food security is threatened by both biotic and abiotic production constraints. One of my research interests has been to study the genome of economically important crops in an attempt to understand the underlying principles governing the interaction of host species with biotic and/or abiotic factors so as to improve the hosts towards resistance or tolerance to these factors using Molecular Breeding Approaches. Currently, I am working to develop climate-smart cowpea (Vigna unguiculata) varieties with the potential of evading the persistent terminal draught in the northern regions of Ghana.

I will be happy to welcome any student who is seeking to master the use of molecular techniques in crop improvement.

  • Molecular Biology of the Gene
  • Molecular Genetics and Evolution
  • Molecular techniques
  • Genetics
  • Mycology
  • Vascular and Non vascular plants
  • Plant physiology

Laboratory Techniques in Biology


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  • Tissue Culture
  • Industrial Microbiology (Yoghurt and Oyster Mushroom Production)