Call For Consultancy Services to Design Zero Energy Cooling Chamber (ZECC) and Coolbot Structure Models Suitable for Fruit and Vegetable Storage.

The Faculty of Agriculture Education, AAMUSTED- Asante Mampong issues this call for consultancy services for the designs of a Zero Energy Cooling Chamber and a Coolbot structure for post-harvest handling on a project with funding from the Ghana Skills Development Funds (GSDF).

The general objective for this call is to receive modern designs of ZECC and Coolbot technology which can reduce post-harvest loss in fruits and vegetables by 50% at AAMUSTED-Mampong and its environs. More details on the call for the project context are provided in the Terms of Reference accompanying this call for consultancy services. Interested consultancy firms should download the call for consultancy services from the AAMUSTED website at or

To read more, find the PDF below.